We Welcome Your Feedback

Rosemont Endoscopy Centre welcomes any feedback you have as we see this as an opportunity to further improve our services. We are committed to ensuring our patients’ voices are heard, and by examining patients’ feedback it gives direct insight into the quality of our healthcare and how satisfied our patients are. This aids in maintaining and improving the standard of care received at our Endoscopy Centre.

Every patient is provided with the opportunity to complete a Patient Satisfaction Survey whilst they are in recovery. All feedback is reviewed with results being collated and made available to the public in our Quarterly Report on Consumer Satisfaction and Experience shown below.

If you have a concern about the services or care you have received or would like to provide feedback about your experience at Rosemont Endoscopy Centre, please email:

Quarterly Report on Patient Satisfaction and Experience

The last quarter (April to June 2022) reports a very high level of satisfaction amongst our patients. Almost every person who received care at our facility during this period, and provided feedback, spoke positively about their experience.

We attended to 1309 patients from April to June and one complaint was received during this time. In the unlikely event negative feedback is received, this is closely reviewed with appropriate and timely follow-up by our Management Committee.

Consumer Satisfaction (Apr to Jun 2022)

Consumer Satisfaction 99.9%

Consumer experience (Apr to Jun 2022)