Renovations at Rosemont

Renovations at Rosemont from 25th July 2022

At Rosemont Endoscopy Centre, renovations are currently underway to upgrade our facilities and improve visitor accessibility via our entrance and exits. We are also extending our recovery unit to provide more space and comfort for patients during recovery.

Expect minimal disruptions and minor construction from the 25th July 2022, though construction noise will be kept to a minimum.

For any questions or queries, phone our helpful team on (02) 4226 5499

To all our patients and visitors, thank you for your understanding.

Visiting Patients


Patients are welcome to use staff parking at the rear of our building during renovations as well as the usual allocated parking. 

Entrance to our Facility

You may notice some changes to the accessible ramp and fenced areas outside, please still enter our facility using the normal entrance.

Renovations | Frequently Asked Questions

We want to assure our patients and visitors that our renovations have been well planned and disruptions will be kept to an absolute minimum. We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist your understanding of these renovations and what to expect when visiting our Centre during this time.

Rosemont Endoscopy Centre has a long standing reputation for providing high quality gastroenterological services to patients, families and the broader community. We have planned a number of upgrades to our Centre that will further enhance our patients' experience and support our clinicians in their provision of comprehensive healthcare.

Commencing 25th July 2022, renovations are expected to take three to six months.

Renovations to upgrade our facilities at Rosemont will:

  • Provide more space and comfort for patients recovering from their procedures
  • Improve access for patients requiring accessible access with additional entry and exit points
  • Upgrade our endoscope reprocessing rooms  

It is realistic to expect some minor construction noise throughout the day. Our builders will however keep this noise to a minimum.

We are confident our patients' experience will still be a positive one during this time. 

Patients and visitors still enter via the main entrance. You may notice some changes to the accessible ramp and outside areas that are fenced temporarily during renovations.

Patients can utilise the staff parking at the rear of the building during renovations. Allocated Parking should also remain unchanged.

Nurse taking patient to recovery after outpatient surgical procedure

Questions about our renovations?

If you require more information or would like to provide feedback about your experience at Rosemont Endoscopy Centre, please contact our helpful team below.

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